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Vintage Pedal Cars ~ Smallest Restorations
Freshly restored "1952 Murray SadFace" Pedal Car, now 60 years old ~ smallest restoration T.R.I.X. has ever performed.

Pedal cars are photographed before the restoration, sand-blasted, fabricated, then prime-coated, several coats of primary color, clear-coated before & after decals or pin-stripping; assembled with either refurbished (if applicable) or new parts. Requires hours of labor and materials. Other types are available. 
Pedal cars range from the 1940's through 1970's. I restore pedal cars, JD/Farmall Tractors, Older Radio Flyer Wagons, Step-Up Radio Flyer Trikes, Gas & Air Pumps, Soda-Pop Coolers, etc. 
This item is SOLD. Promotional purposes only.
Ships UPS or USPS in all 50 States within USA or Canada. 
*I do discount shipping when purchasing multiple items; please call for a quote or "convo" or email this shop; TRIX will let you know the shipping rates based on zip code and country.

SadFace ~ Left Side View
SadFace  ~ Right Side View; new chromed bell, new fire light, new chromed windshield, new chromed steering wheel, new hardware & more.

SadFace after restoration ~ Under-side of back-step; new tires, new rails, new hardware.

SadFace before restoration  ~ Left side view
SadFace before restoration ~ Front View

Example Of: AMF Fire Fighter 508; call for a quote or "convo" this shop.

SadFace before restoration ~ Under-side view; missing parts, rotted tires. 

SadFace before restoration ~ Back-step view; missing parts & lots of rust.

Unrestored 1960's AMF Fire Fighter 508 truck
Available "For Sale".

Example Of: 1960's Race Car; call for a quote or "convo" this shop.
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